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Microsoft vs. Google: When It Comes To The Cloud, It’s War

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"All warfare is based on deception," goes the famous line attributed to Sun Tzu in the Art of War. It may very well be the operating principle that both Google and Microsoft have taken to heart in their battle for dominance of the office desktop and cloud. Case in point: The recent battle between the two companies
to sell office productivity and email services to the city of Los
Angeles. Last month, before the city made a decision, Google downplayed
an attack on the security of its cloud-based offerings by Consumer Watchdog
— but quickly published a "fact check" document to distribute to city
officials to support its claims about reliability and security. According to one report,
Google suggested that Consumer Watchdog was "being paid to target
Google specifically," without publicly naming the party allegedly
paying the group.

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Press Release Leaked Google Presentation Meant To Counter Fed Inquiries On Competition

Friday, May 8, 2009


Is Google a monopoly? That question, which is increasingly gaining the
attention of regulators in Washington, D.C., is also the subject of an
intense public relations war between Google and detractors. Today, a new front was opened up, after a consumer advocacy group
released a copy of a Google presentation on Google’s business
practices, along with critical commentary that casts doubt on Google’s
claims that it supports competition. The group,,
said that the Google presentation is part of a campaign to counter
federal inquiries into potentially anticompetitive practices.

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