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Consumer Advocate Jamie Court Cites Risks Of Electronic Medical Records

31. March 2009

Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog, has pushed the patients’
rights movement in the United States for more than a decade by
sponsoring successful laws in California. As part of his work for the
California-based nonprofit, Court is closely watching Google’s and
Microsoft’s entry into the electronic medical records field. He spoke
with The Plain Dealer about patient privacy and his concerns in the
digital age.

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More trouble on Google’s cloud

26. March 2009

A security consultant has found more problems with Google Docs, a so called "cloud computing" application.

The revelation by …

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Googlebuster fights back against behavioral advertising

13. March 2009

One of the editors of Adbusters magazine has a populist strategy to create an online revolt against Google’s latest forray into targeted online advertising, a tactic that Congress Quarterly reports, from behind its subscription wall, caught the eye of federal lawmakers Wednesday.

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Google Health “Share” Feature Raises Privacy Concerns

5. March 2009

Google Health has a new feature that lets users share medical information with others through an e-mail link. Google has tried to take safety measures. A link to a shared profile
will only work in connection with the specified e-mail address, so the
link does not work if it is forwarded. Also, all links expire after 30
days. Jamie Court, president of the Washington D.C.-based consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog doesn’t think that’s enough. "Doctors and hospitals have a duty to keep this information
confidential, but others don’t," he told The Industry Standard. "In the
hands of the wrong workplace colleague, friend or vendor, this
information could be used against patients."